Welcome to the "who, where, what, & when"


Who: Coiasira - a name meaning "Time". J.R.R Tolkien, the creator of Lord of the Rings, invented his own languages for much appreciated authenticity in his stories. The grammar behind Coiasira is that "Coia" = Life and "Sira" = Flow. When turned into a compound word, "Coiasira", they mean "Time". We could in theory, say that Time does not exist. Time is this strange and complex construct that we have created to mark the passing of moments in our lives. So I choose to use Tolkien's inspiring grammar to remind myself that Time is merely the Flow of our Life. I now try to remind myself to appreciate, not only the finite moments that we think of as more important, but rather the flow of the whole.


Where: Rochester, New York and surrounding area.


What: The evolution of many local projects that I will be photographing and nurturing in Rochester, NY. Look forward to information regarding children's education, local farms & wild edibles, sustainable businesses, and events at local religious & spiritual communities. We hope you can join us in one or all of our many endeavors.


When: Contact me to discuss availability, times, locations, or projects!

           [email protected] <3 <3 <3 850-524-0149